Shoe-Art by Klaus Niehaus – Show Diva


The beautiful shoes of your choise are too tight and your comfortable shoes are too simple for being an eye catcher. It’s no more problem! Klaus Niehaus, art-shoe-designer of the brand Shoe-Art, can solve this issue. He can make a unique masterpiece of your most favourite and comfortable shoes. How? I’ll tell you. But so far back to the history of the development of his art brand.
I met Klaus Niehaus backstage at the Fashion Show and had the opportunity to speak him. The models were wearing his fancy shoes to apparel collections of the other designers on the runway.

According to Klaus, his original occupation is graphic designer and he worked for many years in advertising. He practices his new creative activity since 2011. Since that time he was 5 times an exhibitor at GDS Trade Fair in Dusseldorf and once at the international Shoemaker Fair ISS in Wiesbaden, Germany. The first runway, on which his Label Shoe-Art participated, was the “Pre-Fashion-Week-Show” Berlin in January 2014 and now in addition VDMD Secret Fashion Show Munich in May 2014.

Shoe-Art by Klaus Niehaus

Before Klaus began with his shoe creations he was and still is fond of painting. And his painting “Four Seasons” brought him to the idea to turn his vision from canvas into reality. Thus his first art shoes originated.

Shoe-Art by Klaus Niehaus – the making of the “Rimini” shoes.

Klaus takes apart the comfortable shoes of your choice and at the end a unique masterpiece comes out. This creation process is also called upcycling, it means upgrading your shoes. This is the simpler variant of beautiful shoe upgrading for better understanding. Herewith Klaus invests his soul and spirit in this refined work and you can be assured that nobody has the same pair of shoes. As following you can see his more complicated masterpieces.

Shoe-Art by Klaus Niehaus – Collection Addition

Klaus can imagine his shoes on the feet of Grand Stage Divas like Conchita Wurst or other artists for red carpets, great shows and party-mottos. And I can see the russian Pop-Titan Philipp Kirkorov or Elton John wearing the Shoe-Arts.

Shoe-Art by Klaus Niehaus

Klaus Niehaus makes also Deco-Shoes for gifts as a special present idea, so you can differ from the other guests at the party ;).