The Tiny World of Willard Wigan, MKG Hamburg – Stunning

The Tiny World of Willard Wigan

Visited The Chanel Legend exhibition and blown away by the Tiny World of Willard Wigan. Absolutely stunning! Actually, my girlfriend and me were in the Museum for Arts and Crafts to visit The Chanel Legend exhibition (experience here). On leaving the exhibition, we happened to be in a different room by chance. It looked very strange full of microscopes like in a scientific institute. We wanted to pass it, but our curiosity was stronger. You know the microscope is there and you eager to look inside. In fact we expected nothing interesting for us at most bacteria or microbes which you associate with microscopes. We were blown away by what we saw!

The Tiny World of Willard Wigan

Handmade sculptures in a small eye of the needle. It is more as just amazing and admirable! It seems to be impossible for human capabilities! But Willard Wigan did it! The whole afternoon we were speaking just about this fascinating artwork.

Willard Wigan’s artworks are like a grain of sand (less as 0,005 millimeter), which could be accidentally inhaled, what had already happened to him. So he developed a certain technique to make his sculptures. He slows his breathing and heartbeat while working on the figures. In order to paint his micro-sculptures he uses his eyelashes. Willard Wigan creates his artworks on for months and they cost meanwhile astronomical prices.

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