Dirndl Liebe – Each Dirndl Is Unique

Dirndl Liebe

The brand Dirndl Liebe was founded by Sarah Tack, Munich-based designer, in May 2012 and quickly gained popularity, especially in the south Germany. I got to know designer Sarah Tack at the fashion show in Munich and took the opportunity to visit her boutique and try on her beautiful colorful Dirndl dresses.

Dirndl is a traditional Bavarian country dress. Initially it was a maid costume and at the end of 19th century Dirndl interspersed in the top layer of the urban public as a rural summer dress, because of its lightness, jollity and beauty.
So what is so special about Sarah’s Dirndl? ))

Sarah told me that she does not manufacture for mass production, but buys only 5 meters of silk to create just one Dirndl item of it. Hence her label Dirndl Liebe advertises with the slogan “each Dirndl is unique”, because it exists only once in the world and is made with love to the detail. That makes Sarah’s Dirndl so special and every wearer of the Dirndl can be sure that she won’t come across a “twin dress” somewhere at the party and can present herself with pride to be stunning.

Sarah discovered her love for Dirndl since early childhood. Since that time she began to change her Dirndl and adorned it with accessories to make it unique.

I’ve heard on TV that the knot of the ribbon on the Dirndl’s apron indicates the marital status of the wearer. If the women ties the knot on the right side, it signalizes she is married or engaged, on the left side – means single. So what does Sarah‘s knot reveal us? ))

In the boutique Dirndl Liebe you can also acquire the handmade jewelry and accessories matching to your favorite Dirndl dress and you are fully equipped for the Oktoberfest.

And this is my highlight, I am in love with this hat! )) The hats at Dirndl Liebe are handmade too. Isn’t it a master piece?!

You can even taste a traditional gingerbread in Dirndl Liebe style.

The Oktoberfest is not as far as it seems to be, get ready in advance ;).