Louis Shengtao Chen presented his Spring Summer 2024 collection at Shanghai Fashion Week ‘Orgasmic’:  Louis Shengtao Chen: “I often feel that the result is not the most beautiful part of the story. Beauty, exists in every little moment of discovering beauty, an ecstatic sensation that resonates from the core to the brain. This sometimes painful process, so exquisite, addictive, and it stirs me, attracts me.”
Q: “Orgasmic!”

ABOUT LOUIS SHENGTAO CHEN Louis (Shengtao Chen) graduated from Central Saint Martins. From the age of 16 to the present, his 8 years of fashion background and experience as a fashion model have given him a unique insight into fashion. In the world of Louis, luxury is not just about expensive fabrics and exquisite French embroidery. Aimed at challenging the tradition notion of glamour, Louis established eponymous brand Louis Shengtao Chen attempts to construct a boundary-breaking yet accessible cloth philosophy. Louis was awarded Ports 1961 full scholarship, LVMH Grand PrixScholarship (2020) and British Fashion Council BAScholarship (2019) during academy year and once worked for the brands KIKO KOSTADINOV and LOEWE. 

Runway Credit: Art Direction &Stylist: Zipeng; Producer: Molko; PR: BOH Project; Hair: Xuyouhua Team-Lishaoyu, Tangming, Fangbao, Chengcheng, Fantongjun, Xiaofeng Make up: Beata Xu@S Studio Hanyan, Heqing, Ann, Rachel, Mengyao, Maomao, Yuejun, Xiaoyu, Liwuli, Pikali, Baoshuang; Beauty Partner: Charlotte Tilbury; CT Make up: Rally Wang, Eric Li, Ryan Zhao, Lily Kang, Niko Cai; Casting: Babygiants; Visual Consultant: Zenus Art Studio; Show music: Ceezy; Runway Photos: Edison, Allen, David lee; Show Video: Haishen team; Documentary: Simon Mu; Accessories: mon Secret; Fragrance Sponsorship: Futchi; Material Sponsorship: Ultrasuede®; Venue Support: Ontime Center; Technical Support: Oliver Jiang; Styling team: Monica liu, Doll King; Louis Team: Dongyuan, Donnell, Jia Cheng, Jessie, Li Zhi, May, Jingjing, Song, Wubu, Yiyi, Yiga, Zhu Yue